Maria Elliott


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In 2005 I've moved from N Cali to St Petersburg FL with my two daughters to make a new beginning and we are still here, even though I miss family and friends very much, but Florida is our home now. I'm a single mother and my daughters are now both out of school and in college doing well which I'm so proud of them. On my days off and when I'm not feeling down and tired, I like to go see a good movie or just hang out at my friends place and enjoy the pool. I like to travel when I can. I just traveled to Cali to see family and friends in April and it was great seeing everyone. I'm pretty much of a quiet person, but once I get to know someone slowly I start to come out of my shell. I like to help people when I can and I cherish my closest and dear friends that I have made living here in Florida. With everything I've been through, I'm truly bless to have the friends who stood by me through my illness.