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Contact Role Phone Email
Lloyd Jeffries President, Visiting Chairman (512) 240-4243
Rick Whitney Vice President, Webmaster (254) 913-5311
Linda Morris Secretary (254) 780-2411
Letty Rucker Treasurer (245) 933-2953
Millie Henn Newsletter Editor (254) 773-1557



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  • September Newsletter


    Mended Hearts - Chapter 12 - Temple Tx

    September 26th, 2019 Meeting Notice

    Date: September 26th, 2019

    Speaker:  RN BS&W Transplant Clinic

    Program:  Transplant services for Pancreas, Kidney, LVAD, Heart and Donor care

    Time: Program at 6:30 pm

    Location: BS&W Center for diagnostic Medicine, 31st and Ave R, Temple TX, Rm 1715

    Social: Starts at 6:00 pm

     A RN(s) will discuss the functions of the Transplant Clinic and how they manage the patient’s care both before and after surgery. They also care for prospective donors in preparation for the transplant where appropriate.

    Come and listen to how this very valuable service has made BS&W a leading hospital in transplants.

    There is something in this presentation for everyone and you can share with friends, family and neighbors.  Invite them to come along as our welcomed guests! Bring some questions in advance.


    Chapter News and Update

    Thanks to our newly appointed Webmaster, Rick Whitney, we now have a presence on the Internet for Chapter 12 members. If you are currently a member of Chapter 12 you can access the website at and select Communities; Chapters; Chapter 12 and logon using your Mended Hearts logon information.

    September is the month we meet the candidates for Chapter Officers. We vote in the October meeting.


    Mended Hearts Cen-Tex Chapter 12

    August 22, 2019

    Meeting Minutes

     7:00 pm the business meeting was called to order.  A motion was made to approve the previous minutes and John Hasandras seconded the motion. The treasurer’s report was given by Letty Rucker, treasurer. The beginning balance was $ 2,930.42, and the ending balance is $ 2,927.42.

     The board will meet concerning membership in September.

     Baylor Scott & white have provided us 6th floor storage for the heart pillows that our members make for the new patients. During the few months of April-June we only had two people visiting the new patients. Some were out for different reasons.  Our 2019 visits currently number 647.

     Lloyd mentioned if you would like to provide information for our newsletter please send it to the editor.

     Special thanks for our refreshments provided by Sam & Tracy Kaiser.  The refreshments for the September meeting was originally scheduled to be by Millie Henn and October by Dean & Letty Rucker. Letty has swapped with Millie so it is now; September is Letty and October is Millie. Tracy was thanked for planning our place to eat in June at Dead Fish Grill for Mended Hearts. 

    Millie Henn had Heart value surgery and will have her rehab here at Baylor Scott & White.  Millie is doing well.

     We will be nominating new officers in the next few months.  Dean Rucker was appointed as nominating committee chair to select candidates for the officer positions. The candidates will be listed in the September newsletter. The membership vote will occur during the October meeting. The new officers will be sworn in at our Christmas party, December 14, 2019 at 6:30 at the home of Sam and Tracy Kaiser.

     The next meeting is September 26th at 6:00 p.m. Meeting adjourned at 7:20 p.m.

     Respectfully Submitted

    Linda Morris/ Secretary

    (edited by LGJ)


    National Mended Hearts News

    Announcing the 2019-2021 Mended Hearts Board

    The new National Board is now in place and things are running well after the big move of the national resource center from Dallas, Tx to Albany, Ga.

     These are the 2019-2021 Mended Hearts Board of Directors members.

     President Elect: Ron Manriquez  

    Executive Vice-President Elect: Patrick Farrant    

    Vice-President Elect: Marvin Keyser 

    Treasurer: Al Voss         

    Mended Little Hearts Vice President Elect: Liz Blumenfeld

    Southwest Region: Daniel Moravec


    Visiting Team Report

     We are having a Re-Certification Training session for all our Mended Hearts Visitors.

    Wednesday, October, 9, 2019, 2:00PM Room 148 (Beside the Brindley Circles elevators)

    The meeting will begin promptly at 2:00PM and end no later than 4:00PM. There will be a training session during the first hour and special guests (BS&W staff members) during second hour.

    This training is mandatory (National MH requirement) for all current Accredited Visitors and open to new members who would like to join us in the visitation of patients in the BS&W Temple hospital and clinics.

     Our patients visits have increased since the summer vacations ended and our visitors have recovered from personal health issues.

    The August visits equaled 98 which makes our YTD total 745.

     Thank you, Chapter 12 MH visitors, for volunteering your time to such a worthy cause. The doctors and nurses are always stating their appreciation for our team. It does make a difference with the patients.

     The visiting team: (alphabetical)

    John Hasandras

    Millie Henn

    Lloyd Jeffries (Chairman)

    David Nix

    Paul Weis

    Valarie Weis

    Rick Whitney


    2020 Chapter Officers and BOD Nominations are:

    President, Lloyd Jeffries

    Vice-president, Rick Whitney

    Secretary, Linda Morris

    Treasurer, Letty Rucker

    Newsletter, Millie Henn

     If you have any other nominations in mind, please let us know during the September meeting before we vote in October.


    Current 2019 Chapter Officers

    President, Lloyd Jeffries (Pro Tem)

    Vice-president, Rick Whitney (Pro Tem)

    Secretary, Linda Morris

    Treasurer, Letty Rucker

    Newsletter, Millie Henn


    Mended Hearts

    Cen-Tex Chapter 12

    Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting


     Board members in attendance:

    Lloyd Jeffries       President

    Rick Whitney       Vice President ( Pro Tem)

    Linda Morris        Secretary

    Letty Rucker        Treasurer

    Millie Henn           Newsletter (Absent)

     Lloyd Jeffries called the meeting to order at 3:00 pm. A quorum was present to vote on actions.

    • Rick Whitney was approved by the BOD to be the Pro Tem Vice President until elections are held in October and the new officers take responsibility January 2020.
    • The membership list in the National MH database was discussed and needs to be updated and correct by January 2020 if possible. We use the National database as our reference for local members. The BOD will work to achieve this goal until it is accurate. Lloyd Jeffries suggested we contact those with expired memberships to see if they still want to be listed as active locally or removed from our roster. Any more discussions on membership, local dues etc. have been tabled until a later date. We will continue to honor National MH members. Chapter 12 needs to stay affiliated with National for our permits, liability and other benefits. 
    • Linda Morris was appointed by the president to be our Welcoming Committee Chair and at the upcoming meeting in September Linda will have the sign-in sheet modified to include whether if you are a national or local member and at what level.
    • The nominating committee has submitted the list of candidates for the election of chapter officers and will be in the newsletter this month. The new term for all offices (based on our bylaws) is for 2 years. Voting will take place at the October 24,2019 meeting and installed at our annual Christmas party at the Kaiser’s home December 14th.
    • It is that time again to audit the books. Pro Tem V President, Rick Whitney was appointed by the president to be the chair of this audit. Lloyd Jeffries is on the committee.
    • Rick has agreed to be the liaison for our program of supplying heart pillows to the patients. He frequently checks the pillow supplies at ICU and 4th floor south where we have a shelf for our temporary storage. The pillows are given to patients by the nurses or MH Visitors. Rick will keep the members informed as to when we need more pillows made. We might need some pillows made in October.
    • Letty Rucker will bring the September refreshments. She switched meeting months with Millie Henn who now will provide October refreshments.
    • It was discussed at the BOD meeting that we need a good web page for announcements of events, meetings and newsletters etc. Members can help with this by giving us input for consideration of what would be relevant. We currently have such a site but it needs to be managed. Rick has expressed some interest in being the webmaster. More about this forthcoming.
    • We need to always keep in mind when talking with people about what we do at Mended Hearts and invite people. We have currently about 25 active members. We need to get some more people in our chapter.
    • Our treasurer Letty Rucker is in the process of adding our president, Lloyd Jeffries, to our checking account signature card at BBVA Bank and remove Louise Oldham from the account.
    • The meeting adjourned at 4:30

     Submitted by Secretary

    Linda Morris

    (edited by LGJ)


     September 18th, 2019 – by Newsletter Editor, Millie Henn - (Prepared/edited and submitted by, Lloyd Jeffries)

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