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  • I just joined this forum to reach out and see if anyone else is feeling what I'm feeling and may be able to help. I had my chest cut open 15 months ago, triple bypass. By all accounts, I've healed well. My last visit with my cardiologist was just before ...

  • I have been functioning with an LVAD for over seven years, and have been on a steady dose of Lisinopril (10 mg/day) for that time. The Lisinopril is for blood pressure, and is said to induce a dry cough in some people. I have had the dry cough. ...

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    RE: Post op anxiety

    Hello Brett, I agree with Janis. I also take medication for stress. It can be a form of PTSD. A CABG is a major life-changing event and shows us how easily we could have passed away and just how fragile life can be. Knowing this is half the battle but ...

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