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    RE: rehab

    Dear Stephen for 5 years i was on Maintainence at the hospital cardio rehab.  It is 2 miles from my house ( how convenient). Besides having the safety net of exercising with " supervision"and the hospital next door,  your Gym buddies are in the same  boat. ...

  • Yes I had an angiogram as soon as they thought it was time for surgery. For me they had to be sure my arteries were clear as I was having minimally invasive surgery. Also you can get an experienced cardiologist to go thru your wrist instead of groin. ...

  • Hi all, I have been on this site for a couple of weeks. Great input. Those that have had aortic valve replacement I curious as to your prep before having it replaced. Was an angiogram done before and how soon after that we’re u scheduled for surgery? ...

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