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  • STAY POSITIVE. I can recall on my daily post-OHS walks, checking the angle of each upcoming block before deciding whether to cross the street and go on. Now my exercise routine includes 3/4 mile of gradual uphill three-times-a week -- and I'm 79. You'll ...

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    RE: Going Vegan

    I'm all for eating healthily and dietary vigilance, but, while not knowing your particulars, I wouldn't think going vegan is necessary. I do fine with skinless chicken breasts, sliced turkey, occasionally salmon, scallops, and 4 oz of super lean hamburger ...

  • Brett, Kat and Marilyn, I have to tell you and everyone else that anxiety, fear, depression, irritability are not inevitable after open heart surgery or any other life altering or threatening event.  Our emotions do not arise out of the events we experience ...

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