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  • 1.  Relieved..Yet very upset

    Posted 12-15-2021 03:51
    Here's my anxious 2021. In January I had my usual echocardiogram for my Ascending Aortic Aneurysm which was 4.4 cm which shrank from 4.7 three months earlier so my cardiologist finally put me on Losartan for high blood pressure. My BP avg was around 140s over 90s. Now it's 110s over 70s.
      In May I had a CT scan, no contrast because my Dr. heard something in my lungs (I have asthma) The lab called the next day saying I have a aneurysm at 4.8 cm. Not letting it bother me I called my cardiologist to let them know. My July appointment was coming up so I waited. The results in August for the echocardiogram was 5.3!!! ��
      Now I got referred to Straub Clinic on Oahu different island but because of Covid I could not get an appointment with their cardiologist till Oct 22nd. It was a zoom type appointment. Anyway I found out that I had a 4.6 cm aneurysm about 6 years ago�� from a CT scan for my back injury. I was never informed of it. I'm actually glad I didn't know about it till 2019. So that's when I retired at age 56. So this cardiologist said she doesn't believe it's that large so she scheduled a CT with contrast on Nov 15. Next day doc called and said it's still a 4.6 cm. Whew.
      Now the question is why does my cardiologist here on my island routinely order echocardiograms every 6 months and not send me to get a CT scan? This would have been over in a month (by Sept) if my cardiologist just sent me to get a CT scan first.. Since I've learned from 2 other surgeons including from the Mayo Clinic that CT scans is what they look at, not echos. I'm only 5 ft 2". The Surgeon at the Mayo Clinic said if it is a 5.3cm they would recommend surgery. Sorry so long, I tried to keep it short.������Today I'm ok.