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    Posted 03-04-2022 11:05

    My name is Ryan. I'm an exercise physiologist working in outpatient cardiac rehab, and I've been working with Mended Hearts as an ambassador so to speak over the last year to help pilot the Welcome Home program for congestive heart failure patients. I've recently met with Lea Parker, representing Chapter 362 out here in the Houston area, and her dedication to this organization really boosted my already quite high motivation to see things like Welcome Home, the AHA, and just patient education and support in general achieve success.

    I hope to build a lasting relationship with Mended Hearts, and further my participation in things like chapter meetings, doing presentations, so on and so forth as well as of course continuing to educate patients on my end.

    Feel free to reach out if there any questions! Happy to be here.

    Ryan Tully
    Exercise Physiologist
    Houston TX