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  • 1.  OHS on Monday

    Posted 02-17-2022 13:55

    Hi. New here. I'm having open heart surgery in 6 days to repair leaky mitral valve. Pre-surgery tests found partial blockages in two arteries so those are getting grafted at the same time. I could have had stents but was told grafting  is a better solution since my chest will be open anyway.

    Feeling some anxiety but mostly eager to get h
    through this new adventure  and move in with life.

    Has anyone has CABG and mitral valve repair? How did it go? Any tips on this or anything else are much appreciated. My family seems more nervous than me at this point. 

    N Space

  • 2.  RE: OHS on Monday

    Posted 02-19-2022 11:15
    On Feb 28, 2013, I had the same procedures done—plus a few more. (I was 70 years old.)

    My mitral valve had major regurgitation and I was in Atrial Fibrillation; AFib is an Irregular heart beat.

    The doctor checked my arteries and found 50% blockage of my Right Coronary Artery. So why not fix it while in there.

    The mitral valve was repaired, the artery was bypassed and he did a Maze procedure to stop the AFib. While he was in there, he sealed off my left atrial appendage-a place where clots can form when in AFib.

    I do not remember having any pain after the procedure. I followed the doctor’s instructions about activity and protecting the sternum so it could heal properly. I went to cardiac rehab when recommended and 9 years later am doing well.

    I still go to rehab for exercise 3 times a week—and life is good! Yep, I am almost 80. I am very active in Mended Hearts and encourage others to do the same.


    Best wishes with the surgery!

    Marv Norman

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