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  • 1.  Need some covid 19 exercise advice!!!

    Posted 05-06-2020 00:22

    Hello, my name is Jerry a and I was told I had heart failure after my third visit to the hospital. The first visit was to get a quadruple bypass. That was last May. While I was there I was told that I had heart damage from what they think was a mild heart attack at some point. I was also told that I had an aneurism  which damaged my heart. In July I was back and had an icd implanted. This past February, on my third visit, I had two stents put in. I was told that one artery didn't take, and the other three were clogged 90%, they were able to put two stents in two of them, and was told that they couldn't do the third, for whatever reason.

     Long story-short, I was trying to stay positive and get on with life, then I started getting shortness of breath about middle of March. It got better, and now it's like shortness when my body feels like. I was prescribed cardiac rehab again but was unable to go when all of the covid 19 stuff came down.

    I felt better after the bypass, minus the discomfort of where they sewed me back up. And I was fine after the Icd and finished rehab, but now the breathing seems like it did when I was recouperating from the bypass. I feel like I am not getting enough exercise to make my heart and breathing better now. I told my wife a couple days ago I would like to purchase a bike for exercise now that it's getting nicer. 

    Does anyone have any other exercise suggestions during this covid 19 thing?

    Thank you.

    Jerry DiLauri


  • 2.  RE: Need some covid 19 exercise advice!!!

    Posted 05-07-2020 11:22
    If you have access to a pool, swimming is best.  Warm weather is coming so maybe someone has a private pool, or a local hotel might let you use theirs for a fee or a great smile.

    Robin Davis
    Madison OH
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  • 3.  RE: Need some covid 19 exercise advice!!!

    Posted 05-07-2020 23:07

    Walking 30 minutes every day is the best exercise.  You can do it anywhere that is comfortable for you.

    You do not have to start out at 30 minutes.  You can start at 6 - 5 minutes walks a day, then go to 5 - 6 minute walks, then go to 3 - 10 minute walks, then go to 2 - 15 minute walks and finally do 1 - 30 minute walk.  Be healthy!  Walk safely!  Stay apart!

    Dallas Scott
    Chapter 16
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    Former Cardiac Rehab Volunteer