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  • 1.  Pericarditis

    Posted 05-11-2019 12:12
    Hi all,
    I'm new to this forum. I was recently diagnosed with pericarditis which is incredibly debilitating. I've been looking everywhere for patient support forums, but I can't find any. I decided to join this forum in hopes that there might be someone here going through what I'm going through, although nothing came up when I did a search. Any suggestions?

    Patricia Jennings

  • 2.  RE: Pericarditis

    Posted 09-06-2019 09:38
    Hi Patricia,

    Can you tell me what symptoms you're having? I think I may have pericarditis, too, but can't get my doctor to do the testing needed to confirm it. When I look online, all my symptoms point towards that: severe pain in my left shoulder, low grade fever, chest pains, dry cough, heart palpitations, etc. What did your doctor do to confirm yours was pericarditis? I had open heart surgery in April and they say that can be a trigger for pericarditis.

    Brett Temple
    Project Manager
    Sarasota FL

  • 3.  RE: Pericarditis

    Posted 06-11-2020 11:29
    Hi Patricia
    I'm new to this forum and have just seen your post from 2019 you having pericarditis and I'm wondering if you are still suffering from it or are you well now? (I hope you are). I have recently been diagnosed with it after speaking to private doctors, blood tests, scans and finally an mri of the chest. I'm really suffering with it and have had a bad chest since the beginning of lockdown and been very low and in a lot of pain. I wonder if you or if there's anyone else out there I can connect and communicate with as I'm feeling very alone with this as I have never heard of it, let alone know anyone who's had it. I look forward to hearing from you and anyone else.
    Many thanks

    donna karpel