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Pulmonary Atrisia with VSD

  • 1.  Pulmonary Atrisia with VSD

    Posted 06-29-2020 13:52

    We are new to the forum. Our son who is 19 days old is diagnosed with Pulmonary Atrisia & VSD (TOF). He already had a stent put in to keep his ductus open with a cath procedure when he was 10 days old. He is recovering from it and started breathing on his own. 

    I would like to understand more about this Pulmonary Atrisia & VSD diagnosis and the future surgeries he has to go through. Our understanding is this is a severe form of TOF and would need multiple open heart surgeries before he turns 10 years and would continue one with more non invasive procedures in the future. We are trying to understand how to cope with this and what to expect. 

    Balaji & Sharmila

    Balaji Raju