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  • 1.  Disability

    Posted 06-07-2021 17:51
    Hello to everyone.  I am the Mom to an amazing CHD warrior that is 20 years old.  He was born with HLHS, coarctation of aorta, severe pulmonary hypertension, with severe valvular disease.  He has had the series of 3 palliative surgeries at U of M, Ann Arbor.  2 years ago, we received that diagnosis of Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder.  We have been fighting with SSi/SSD since his birth.  He has multiple other chronic critical diagnosis due to his heart defect.  Any ideas on how to get his disability paperwork approved?  I am his legal guardian and conservator.  Any help at all would be so greatly appreciated.

    Ellen Dejong Pederson
    Sioux Center IA
    (712) 578-9305