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  • 1.  Angina

    Posted 04-26-2023 09:27

    Good afternoon everyone, just joined, started having chest pain 10 years ago and recently diagnosed with angina, had 2 stents a year ago in march, was feeling ok then started getting angina pain back again last December in exactly the same place in my stented area of chest, only more frequent and severe this time along with constant nausea and generally feeling unwell  ,been on nitro glicerin to relieve the severe angina attacks ,       had an angiogram last Friday and was told my stents look ok  , also can't get on with new prescribed DILTIAZEM 80 mg meds  due to severe nightmare side effects ☹️, cardiologist has referred me for a heart scan for possible microvascular angina,was wondering if   anyone else had had a similar experience  like mine and what was the outcome? Thanks in advance                          

    Suzette Shingadia
    Crawley, west Sussex