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  • 1.  Cardiac Cirrhosis (also a question on salt)

    Posted 10-25-2022 18:47

    I recently had a follow up with my cardiologist after my second heart surgery and he mentioned something called Cardiac Cirrhosis. I was wondering if anyone experienced anything similar, knew anything about it, or had any recommendations on preventing it? My (albeit basic) understanding of it is that heart congestion backs up the liver. In my case this became large vomiting fits for the better worse part of a year. My cardiologist thought it was liver related, but it was actually my liver doctor that ended up diagnosing it and getting me into the emergency room for heart damage (... again). Kind of surprised it's not something cardiologists are aware of.

    Completely unrelated, but I've been trying to follow the Mediterranean diet. There's this thing called Mediterranean salt. It's made up of several ingredients, most of which I already have. The main one I'm missing is called "potassium salt". It's basically a version of salt with much lower sodium than typical salt. It sounds like it would be pretty useful for heart patients! The only problem is, I can't seem to find it anywhere. Has anyone else heard of such a thing?


    Joshua Blunt

  • 2.  RE: Cardiac Cirrhosis (also a question on salt)

    Posted 10-26-2022 08:59
    Hi Joshua,
    you can take a look of this. I'm using this as my salt substitute.
    Good luck and besh wish.

    Long Tran
    Omaha, Nebraska

  • 3.  RE: Cardiac Cirrhosis (also a question on salt)

    Posted 10-26-2022 09:53
    Potassium Salt is marketed as "NO SALT" or by it's chemical name Potassium Chloride. I include a warning about potassium chloride. If you use too much, it acts as a fast acting laxative.

    George Howard
    Hurst TX
    (817) 282-2403