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  • 1.  Good morning Carrie

    Posted 08-19-2023 15:09

    I too am a widow maker survivor, I had my heart attack on December 21, 2004, Yes Christmas Day!  That was the best Christmas present I got, I lived!  After Christmas dinner I told my wife I was going to lay down for a hour, the whole family was over at our house and was going to watch "It's a Wonderful life"  When I went down to take my shoes off GOD told "me to get to the hospital, its is not what you think it is" I went up and told my wife she better take me to the local hospital (it was not a heart hospital).  When I got into the hospital I told the nurse at the desk that I did not feel well, but I had worked everyday since Thanksgiving (I own a retail business) so they probably will tell me to go home and sleep for a week.   When I told her that even my teeth hurt she picked up the telephone and two men came out with a gurney and rushed me into the ER.  I was transferred Code Three to the Heart Hospital and had a stent put in my left main.

    To get to today, almost 19 years later I still own my business and work at it five to six days a week.  This week on Thursday I taught my monthly Heart Wellness classes at the Heart Hospital to Cardiac Rehab patients.  Friday I worked at the Hospital at the front desk helping to check in patients for 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM and from  9:00 AM to about 11:00 AM I, as an accredited visitor and Mended Hearts Chapter 304 President visited heart patients in their room.  Today I am at work at my business and Tomorrow I will usher at church.

    At 77 years old I am in very good health and very active.  I do not have time to worry about tomorrow and I know that whatever GOD has in store for me will be the best for me. May I suggest that you get involved with you local chapter of Mended Hearts and do volunteer work and you will find your life to be very rewarding and you will be thinking more about the next hour than the next day or week or year.
    Fred G. Sparling
    Classic Coffee and Restaurant Supply
    148 N. Glendora Ave.
    Glendora, CA 91741