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  • 1.  Introducing myself

    Posted 01-17-2023 08:14
    My name is Chey I'm 19 year's old  and I was born with congenital Anomaly of right coronary Artery I was diagnosed when I was 13 they did not find it at birth I had a heart attack on the living room floor at only 13 I was brought back by my mom's hands and a paramedics hands as well I went to the hospital went through many tests until we found out
    Through a echocardiogram I was scheduled for surgery I had to have a bypass surgery I had complications but I  pulled through the right side of my heart was stunned and enlarged from all the complications for 6 years my left side of my heart was doing all the work keeping me alive then suddenly my right side of my heart started to pump just a little bit more recently it's almost been 7 year's since my heart surgery I'm going for a MRI soon they want to see the right side of my heart and how good it's working I'm telling my story because I was told only 200 people in the world have this heart condition not many make it through surgery or live to tell what they been through and how much they have accomplished if you or someone out there has any type of heart condition rare or common you can live a normal life as much as you can the world is filled with possibilities 

    Chey Levesque
    Restaurant Server
    Ruby Tuesday
    Belleville MI