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    Posted 05-10-2022 08:33
    I had an aortic dissection repair 5 weeks ago and a mechanical valve placed. I would like to know, for those of you with a mechanical aortic valve, if the ticking gets better, or
    do you just learn to live with it? Also, if anyone has day-to-day life changes, which seem to be more permanent, I'd like to hear about those too.


    Smyrna GA

  • 2.  RE: Post-Op Questions

    Posted 12-06-2022 12:04

    Hi Merceda, 

    I don't have a mechanical valve but my fiancé does. Over time, these are some changes I noticed that he made: 
    - Sleeping with some sort of white noise on (fan, air conditioner) or sometimes TV show quietly playing
    - Or if the ticking is really bothering him before bed, he'll wear headphones to bed
    - Wearing thicker layers of clothing or a thick blanket to "muffle" the sound 
    - Practicing mindfulness, when he finds himself dwelling on the sound, he stops and forces himself to focus on his task on hand or be distracted by something else like singing aloud (I swear he breaks out to song at the most random times and I wonder if he's just doing it to annoy me 🤣)

    Something he admitted to me is that you don't get 100% over the ticking but you learn to live with it and cope with it. I hope these help somewhat! 

    N Gonzalez

  • 3.  RE: Post-Op Questions

    Posted 01-07-2023 05:43

    Congratulations on discovering your aortic dissection and your on going recovery. Major heart surgery is a shock to your entire body. Recovery is a slow and sometimes frustrating process. I am 12 year survivor of aortic dissection surgery and enjoying life. I was 56 years old male when had the surgery and one thing I have is stiffness in chest area. Not as bad as in beginning but I still feel some stiffness. Second, emotionally I find myself welling up tears when a song or event that brings emotion to the forefront. The hardest part is moving on with your normal life because in the back of your mind are the what if I do this...will hurt me?  Allow yourself to recover, listen to birds sing are very blessed person and there is more life plans for you. God Bless!

    Michael Hinderlie
    Port Charlotte FL
    (941) 421-0482

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