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  • 1.  inoperable aortic aneurysm.

    Posted 07-15-2021 11:39
    HI, my aortic aneurysm is 6cm and I have been advised that if I have the operation I would more lightly die on the operating table, I am a male 73 years of age so as far as I gather when it ruptures that will probably the end for me. So is there anything I can do to avoid the rupture, please advise

    Viv Rosser

  • 2.  RE: inoperable aortic aneurysm.

    Posted 07-18-2021 09:41
    Hi Viv,
    I think these are questions for you doctors. Also, you should get a second opinion, depending in how much confidence you have in your doctors. Perhaps you should got to a bigger city.

    Janis Miner

    Janis MINER
    Rochester NY

  • 3.  RE: inoperable aortic aneurysm.

    Posted 07-19-2021 14:02

    you need need to get a second opinion from a respected heart surgeon at another medical center. Your aneurysm is needs immediate attention. I was diagnosed with a 102 mm (10.2 cm) ascending aortic aneurysm in 2007.  Thanks to the chief surgeon at Morristown medical center, I'm here 17 years later. 

    Have you need diagnosed with any other health issues?  Do you live near a recognized medical center with a heart specialty?  Based of your reply, I may be able to suggest a heart surgeon. 

    mall the best,

    Victor Fabry, CEO
    Greylock Advisors, LLC
    Short Hills, New Jersey

  • 4.  RE: inoperable aortic aneurysm.

    Posted 08-10-2021 13:02
    Hi Viv 
    I'm no expert, but that sounds incorrect ?!!  Are there  other health issue/s that would prohibit you having surgery? 
    With care and kind regards, 

    Debi Ries
    San Diego, Ca
    AVR / Open Surgery 2011/ TAAA 4.2 cm / Afib

  • 5.  RE: inoperable aortic aneurysm.

    Posted 08-10-2021 15:01

    I would need more info as to why you were given this dire diagnosis, but, i suggest you get a second opinion from a cardiologist who can, perhaps,give you a more informed plan that you can follow. Best of luck, Lisa

    Lisa Johnson
    Registered nurse

  • 6.  RE: inoperable aortic aneurysm.

    Posted 08-10-2021 15:29
    That really doesn't sound right. You need help ASAP X

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