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No Chest Pains

  • 1.  No Chest Pains

    Posted 03-10-2022 10:53

    I got Angiogram yesterday and it confirmed I have many blockages in my arteries yet I mainly have no symptoms or real heart attacks. 

    Doctors say it is very serious and I could die from heart attack so I should get quadruple bypass. 

    Does anyone have the same experience?

    Godwin Wong
    Darien IL

  • 2.  RE: No Chest Pains

    Posted 03-11-2022 06:40

    I had virtually the exact same experience except in a slightly different order.  I was an an active, very athletic, very fit person without any symptoms and then I had a heart attack.  It wasn't a complete surprise only because my father had a heart attack at the same age and my health history has eerily been the same as his in many ways.  They then took an angiogram, told me I had five major blockages, scheduled me fot emergency quintuple bypass surgery and told me that there was no time to waste and I could not go home or schedule it for a later date.  I had the emergency surgery and, despite having unusual pneumonia complications from the ventilator that lengthened my hospital stay and rehab, I was lifting weights again in three months, running in five months and 80% back to normal in a year.  It is now four years post surgery and I am fine and doing everything I used to do and feeling perfectly well.

    I gave no doubt that I would have died had I not gotten the surgery.  I strongly recommend you follow your doctor's advice.

    Good luck.


    Ira Reid
    Hoboken NJ

  • 3.  RE: No Chest Pains

    Posted 03-11-2022 08:43
    Yes, its very common: to have no symptoms and have your diagnosis . This is why annual physical checkups , heart exams before other surgeries, living a healthy life style etc are so important.
    It’s upsetting but also good news in that you are on the road to getting this fixed and healed! Please keep us up dated. My heart experience is different than yours so perhaps others on this forum will reach out to you. thankyou for sharing with us; you are not alone.
    Marilyn B. Rosenhouse
    Mobile: (214)850-0655

  • 4.  RE: No Chest Pains

    Posted 03-12-2022 07:37
    This sounds like a scam...
    Really?  Multiple blockages, but you are going to ignore the advice of cardiologists and seek advice from amateurs!

  • 5.  RE: No Chest Pains

    Posted 03-13-2022 01:01
    Hi Donald. Heart surgery is super scary when you find out you have to have to have it and you feel just fine. I’m guessing that he was seeking connections, not permission. You have time to think about what that’s going to be like. However, I’m still greatfull I didn’t experience a heart attack or stroke. I still have ptsd from finding out so much so fast. But it’s reading from people in this group that gives me the emotional confidence to keep positive. Thank you for that.


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  • 6.  RE: No Chest Pains

    Posted 03-13-2022 04:50

    What about Godwin's question "Does anyone have the same experience?" leads you to conclude that he is "going to ignore the advice of cardiologists and seek advice from amateurs"?

    It sounds to me as though he merely is asking whether anyone has had a similar experience.  Which of his words leads you to read intent into anything Godwin has said?  

    And, for the record, none of us "amateurs" has advised him to do anything other than to follow the directions of his doctors.

    Ira Reid
    Hoboken NJ

  • 7.  RE: No Chest Pains

    Posted 03-13-2022 14:47
    Hi ,
    I don't think it's a scam, I went through the same experience when I found out I have a heart attack from a eco test best didn't have any symptom apart from mild heart burn and the doctor told me that  I should have surgery, I was shock and afraid so I called everyone up for advice then 5 days later I had quadruple bypass and now going on a year feeling good and about 80% back to my normal self and better self discipline

    Rasheed Joe
    Toronto ON

  • 8.  RE: No Chest Pains

    Posted 03-11-2022 16:45
    Many, like mine, are a different experience from yours. I had some out of breath moments. However, when the heart attack hit, it hit hard. Had to have 6 by-pass open heart surgery. Plus, my heart (cardiac muscle) was damaged from the heart attack. After surgery was three day induced coma. Years later, I am 80% and exercising at Heartplex three days a week in the cardiac rehab program. Best to prevent the heart attack with surgery and your recovery should be much better. God blesses you. Johnny Hunter

    Johnny Hunter
    Fayetteville NC
    (910) 488-2876

  • 9.  RE: No Chest Pains

    Posted 03-11-2022 22:16
    Hello Godwin,
    When I had my angiogram it showed severe blockage in my widow maker. I was admitted right then and had a double bypass the next morning. I'm so thankful it was caught before having a heart attack or much worse...death. My symptoms were pretty mild, but i knew something just wasn't right. 
    This is a wonderful group to be a part of! We're all here for you!

    michelle leverett
    Ridgecrest CA

  • 10.  RE: No Chest Pains

    Posted 03-12-2022 09:48
    Hi Godwin, I had no symptoms except anxiety. Tried dealing with that for years.? I think the doctors thought I was just trying to get drugs lol. The anxiety was awful! But I actually found out about my heart condition because I was having a gullbladder attach. The night before surgery I got a call canceling the surgery because a a doctor on the team noticed something on an X-ray I had done. After a cat scan I found out it was pulmonary hypertension. More tests revealed a hole the size of a quarter in my heart. You must have had some type of symptom in order to have an angiogram. I'm glad it was found before a heart attack or stroke happened. After reading stories of that here, I'm very thankful I didn't experience one. Do as your doctor suggests so you can get back to doing your thing. God Bless your journey!

    [Carrie] [Kashani]
    [White Bear Lake [MN]

  • 11.  RE: No Chest Pains

    Posted 03-23-2022 17:28
    Manybof us have discovered we had a serious heart condition while never experiencing any symptoms. My Cardiac team informed me that they were certain I had at least 5 silent heart attacks, 6 if you count the one I had during the angiogram. I went into hospital for a different problem luckily for me. I cannot stress enouhh how important it is you follow your Cardiologists guidance. Hopefully you've had the surgery by now and are on the road to recovery. Please keep us informed on your progress and good luck to you. Oh what am I thinking, they have this down to a science you'll do great andhave some stories to swsp with the newbies.


  • 12.  RE: No Chest Pains

    Posted 04-11-2022 12:34
    Dear Godwin
    Its very scary to get the news about your heart the way you did!! It happens often. You are always welcome to get a second opinion. But do it quickly !!! Your other medical condition has saved your life by exposing the heart problem. Get it fixed ASAP!!! We are here for you. Please keep us informed

    Marilyn B. Rosenhouse
    Mobile: (214)850-0655

  • 13.  RE: No Chest Pains

    Posted 09-19-2022 17:50
    have your surgery  avoid heart attack   go to cardiac rehab - it help your head as much as your body

    Charles Crow
    cardiac Rehab nurse


    Cardiac Medications -2.ppt   381 KB 1 version
    Welcome to Cardiac Rehab.pptx   9.00 MB 1 version
    Diagnosis tests.pptx   2.90 MB 1 version
    upper body (2).pdf   932 KB 1 version
    scan ascension.pdf   1.36 MB 1 version

  • 14.  RE: No Chest Pains

    Posted 09-20-2022 19:48
    Please get the surgery soon. You could get a second and third opinions from experienced cardiologists/surgeons and they will say the same thing.
    You are fortunate to have these examinations before Having any symptoms :” the silent killer”.

    Marilyn B. Rosenhouse
    Mobile: (214)850-0655

  • 15.  RE: No Chest Pains

    Posted 09-21-2022 05:51
    I note that people are responding to a question posed by Godwin 6 months ago. My recollection from subsequent Godwin posts is that he already had the surgery and has been recovering.  Godwin, am I correct, or am I not correctly remembering?


    Ira Reid
    Hoboken NJ