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Brand new valve narrowing and leaking

  • 1.  Brand new valve narrowing and leaking

    Posted 10-11-2021 15:05
    I had a congenital bivalve replaced in April 2021 (tissue-Bovine) as well as AAA replacement (done at Houston Methodist). My cardiologist has been tracking the new valve and said that it is narrowing and leaking. The narrowing he thinks is from scar tissue formation and the leakage is mild on a scale - trace/mild/moderate/severe. He says I should not worry and that it appears to be stabilizing, but I can't tell you the anxiety it causes me after having gone through open heart surgery and thinking/hoping my heart would function good as new. It is such a let-down (and a bit frightening), so I wondered how often this happens and what others' experiences might have been with this outcome.
    Any reassurance would be so welcomed.
    Thank you so much,

    Becky Fuller
    La Porte, TX

    Becky Fuller
    La Porte TX