Becky Fuller

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I have been a life-long teacher of 35 years and had plans to continue teaching for at least another 4 years. My heart had other plans for me though. It was mentioned to me throughout my life that I had a heart murmur, but it wasn't until I was 50 or so that I was finally sent to a cardiologist and a congenital aortic bivalve was diagnosed. When I started having shortness of breath early in 2021, an AAA was also discovered. Within a week I was having OHS (April 2021). This, along with other medical issues put me on disability and then disability retirement. This abrupt transition was a shock to me and I was looking for the support of others who may have walked this journey ahead of me. That is how I discovered Mended Hearts. I am grateful for the opportunity to offer and receive support from this group of brave souls.