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  • 1.  Food Issues

    Posted 01-22-2019 12:06

    As a mom of 2 Complete Atrioventricular Heart Block Kiddos my daughter with a pacemaker, my son waiting for his pacemaker. We have two completely different kiddos on each end of a widely spread spectrum. My daughter as an infant prior to her pacemaker was a terrible eater, my son was a champ as an infant. Days post op for my daughter-she turned into the eating champion, my son--well his "diet" went down to a handful of things he would eat. We are now at age 6 and eating has been an uphill, chest deep in mud, battle on eating. I've talked with his doctor, we've seen food therapy, nutrition, and now we are off to the GI doctor next week. I am at my witts end with this kid. Curious to hear if anyone has seen a huge shift in their kiddo after delayed intervention like we are facing? Or was that a factor to when they needed intervention (ie. pacemaker)? This morning it took us an hour to get down half of a pancake, and he refused to eat his yogurt. Prior to this morning yogurt was his breakfast--i am beyond frustrated with this kid. (we've cut out junk food, snacks between meals, and he still refuses to eat--but somehow he's gaining weight!) I am stunned and frustrated!!! 

    Has anyone lived through this? Or remotely similar with their heart warrior? Help!!! 

    Lydia Howard
    Clovis, CA
    Co-Leader MLH Fresno; Heart mom to 2
    (559) 917-2843

  • 2.  RE: Food Issues

    Posted 02-24-2019 22:51
    How's your little 6 year old doing with food? We got ours to start eating veggies by having him help plant pea shoots that we grew inside our house, and he loved being able to independently pick and eat them. From there, he ate sugar snap peas and cherry tomatoes from the he even eats onions! Sometimes if kids are involved in growing their own food, it can be empowering and may increase their willingness to try new and different foods. If you don't have a garden, it's fun to do a few things in big pots on the porch...and let your little one help you pick out which seeds to grow. The nutritional content and the live enzymes within the freshly grown food is sooooo good for the heart!

    Amity Miller
    Teacher/Art Therapist
    Inkom ID