Mrs. Lydia Howard

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Mom of 2 Heart Heroes. Both of my kids were born with Congenital Complete Atrioventricular Heart Block (CCAVB); we found out in utero with both, having had our first born diagnosed and be almost 3 years old before our daughter came along we thought we knew everything however she is her own person and keeps us on our toes. Our son is 4 years old and not paced-yet, doing great and is very active. Our daughter is 1.5 years, paced at 9.5 months and thriving! About 2 weeks post op is when she found her new strength and began crawling everywhere, such an awesome experience to watch her explore our home more than ever before. She's extremely cautious so only taking steps (as of now) and SLOWLY gaining confidence. We are down to 6 month check ups for both, soon to be yearly.

My husband and I have been married for 6 years and these two heart heroes have made our life so much brighter. We are an active family and love adventures! I am so fortunate I am able to stay home with our kids and be their caretaker and advocate. We are Blessed that our families are near by as well and can rely on them for support and care taking as well, which was wonderful when our daughter had her pacemaker surgery.

This journey so far has been unbelievable at times, but i am so grateful for the friendships and support i've received through mended little hearts and am so eager to give back. Our journey feels somedays minuet compared to some families facing heart reconstructive surgeries and multiple ones, however, i've learned so much about many different defects and one thing has remained the much we all care for our children are the same and our needs of support and encouragement is the same!