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    afib booklet see attachment ------------------------------ Charles Crow cardiac Rehab nurse Ascension Birmingham ------------------------------

  • Please share any information you have on ablate and pace procedure for AFIB. How did it work for you, how long is recovery time, has it given you a better quality of life, do you recommend having it done, when did you have it? Any and all information ...

  • Hi Ricardo, Welcome to the group! Actually, I have not logged into this support group for over a year now. Last time I logged into this group was prior to my AFib procedure - Catheters ablation last year (April 14 2021). My procedure was very minor ...

  • Greetings I'm Ricardo and I am new to the group (just joined this month). I had my first open heart surgery on March 18 after having an Aortic Dissection. I had no clue it was that serious but I was in pain unlike I usually had in my chest. ...

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