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  • Is there a mended heart chapter in Eugene? ------------------------------ Cory Ratzlaff Mom Springfield OR ------------------------------

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    RE: Hi

    Welcome to the group! I'm new here too. My little boy almost died at 1 week old when he went into heart failure, kidney failure,  and liver failure. ..we had no idea anything was wrong until it was almost too late. He had an undiagnosed coarctation...among ...

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    Hi I am nee to Mended Hearts and to this forum and the heart failure forum. am grateful to be a part of your community and hope to learn a lot here. Thanks! ------------------------------ Rancy Breece 629-204-6569 ------------- ...

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    RE: Food Issues

    How's your little 6 year old doing with food? We got ours to start eating veggies by having him help plant pea shoots that we grew inside our house, and he loved being able to independently pick and eat them. From there, he ate sugar snap peas and cherry ...

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    Food Issues

    As a mom of 2 Complete Atrioventricular Heart Block Kiddos my daughter with a pacemaker, my son waiting for his pacemaker. We have two completely different kiddos on each end of a widely spread spectrum. My daughter as an infant prior to her pacemaker ...

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