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  • Dear Irene Please take heart( pun intended haha) from all the wonderful advice that Ira has given you . I am approaching my 10 year “ heartaversary” . Marilyn B. Rosenhouse Mobile: (214)850-0655

  • The spiritual side of your recovery rings true with me . After my heart surgery I was in a medically induced coma for 10 days. Many people prayed for me. Once I was already and understood the complications etc, i wanted to do something in return for ...

  • My dad had a double bypass at 78. We all felt the same. It was not an easy rehab however he is noe 86 and plays golf twice a week. ------------------------------ Randy Waclawczyk Round Rock TX ------------------------------

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    Please go to a cardiac hospital and have them checked out. I had reflux at52 while exercising. If I had nt called my primary doctor to discuss I would not be here today. I had a cabg x5. ------------------------------ Randy Waclawczyk Round Rock TX ...

  • Lendsey Two years ago today I suffered a fatal cardiac arrest and was very fortunate to be at cardiac rehab where the nurses (my cardiac angels) used a defibrillator to save my life. I have had several more events where my defibrillator went off. I suffer ...

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