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Hello there.

I'm a 53 yo woman who had a septal myectomy, MAZE procedure, atrial clip, and mitral valve repair and replacement (artificial St. Jude's valve) January 2022. I was diagnosed with obstructive HCM around 2015-16 and managed medicinally until going into a-fib in fall of 2021. 

My mother had OHS in 1959, 1987, and 1997, Initial surgery was to repair a congenital defect, second surgery to update repair, and final surgery to replace her mitral valve. 

Aside from my heart HX, I am licensed Counselor in private practice who focuses on wellness. I'm also a mother to a soon to be college student, wife to a gentle gardener, daughter to a father with Alzheimer's, and sister, aunt, and friend. I'm a reader, writer, Scottish terrier wrangler, art appreciator, and former athlete and lover of the outdoors. I'm curious about the experience of others who have made this pilgrimage and look forward to having the connection via this group.