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  • 1.  Dilated Aortic Root and Ascending Aorta

    Posted 03-23-2023 12:15

    Hi, I wanted to update everyone on my most recent cardiology results, appt, etc.

    I have a new cardiologist (prior one retired).   Radiologist said all looked well on my recent echo.. but alas, cardiologist looked at the echo and he said he measured it diff.  I went from a 4.6 to 4.8 Aortic root dilation in the last 18mos (asc aorta dilation remained same at 3.9) .  So we have a new regimen... started a statin (my cholesterol is fine, however i guess there is some type of benefit regarding ARD size and statin use -- and statin use also helps lower BP by a few points).  He also increase BP meds.   I was running 125/78 and i'm now running 107/60.. this might be too low as I now have headaches and i see there can be a correlation between low BP and headaches.

    I have also reached out to the cleveland clinic (a 3 hr drive for me) -- thanks Steve Florkey for the suggestion.  i have an appt in may.  My thought is: 1) get a 2nd opinion. and 2) develop a relationship w/ them so that should i require surgery in the future, they are already familiar w/ me and my case.  I will be sure to update all after that appt.

    Scotty Yelroscam

  • 2.  RE: Dilated Aortic Root and Ascending Aorta

    Posted 03-24-2023 12:51

    Hi Scotty,

    I'm so happy you're able to get a second opinion! Knowledge is empowering as you continue on this journey. (at least for me) You are your own advocate! Maybe I missed it, but do you have a support person you can talk to and just vent or bounce ideas with? 
    Kindest regards and prayers for you,
    Debi :)

    Debi Ries
    San Diego, Ca
    AVR / Open Surgery 2011/ TAAA 4.2 cm / Afib