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  • 1.  Minimally Invasive CABG

    Posted 05-29-2024 10:57

    I wanted anyone reading these posts to know that there is a fantastic alternative to CABG if you qualify, which I understand many people do! My quick journey.  I am a 77 year old male, who prior to MCABG less than 2 weeks ago, was in excellent physical health, so I thought. Played intensive pickle ball 3 days a week with many under 50 year old players for an 1to 1 1/2 hours in the heat of Florida.  Went to the gym 4 days a week, although on statins and blood pressure pills, under 120/75 pulse at low 60's. Never had any symptoms, shortness of breath etc.  I had to take a mri of my bladder, routine.  My radiologist friend read it and said to me, good new and Bads news , nothing in the bladder but you look like you have plaque in your heart arteries. Go to your cardiologist.  I did got an angiogram and yes 70% + blockage in my main artery, the widow maker. I immediately went to heart surgeon at Boca Raton Hospital (excellent) Old method through sternum.  Heard the whole process, was not thrilled. I am sure plenty of you know the pain and recovery routine of that surgery. I started looking for an alternative and found online, Dr. Joseph McGinn Jr. from Baptist Miami He does surgery which he invented along the lines of Minimally Invasive CABG. But not laparoscopic totally. So after hearing the benefits and very tiny cons, I went with it I was operated at Boca Raton Baptist with Dr. Joesph Mcginn Jr and his cardi surgeon son Dr. Joseph McGinn III.  I went in 5/17/24 at 7:30 and surgery about 4 hours.  (You can see his surgery on line by looking up Dr. Joseph Mcginn Jr.) Went well out around early afternoon.  I was in a chair that evening, has much pain, but by Saturday 5/18/24 they had me walking and sitting a long time in chair. The surgery is made through a 3-4 inch cut under left breast, with a few additional 1/2' holes for chest tube and pain pump at site. I was walking well around hospital floor, only pain was being woken up every hour in hospital for checks etc. However the people and hospital were the best! By Tuesday 5/21/24 I was out by 10:00 that mornin.  I was only hydrocodone for pain.  Not much really only to sleep. However was having pain in site area and back from surgery.  The pain pills mitigated the pain.  Everyday got better.  By 1 week out, I was mostly pain free. Had one episode where I could not sleep due to not getting comfortable when lying down. But hydrocodone helped.  After 1 week just iced area of surgery and back now much better. Last night 5/28 slept normal no pain. 

    I admit I am not able to move around too much without getting tired but that too has improved. Yesterday got cardiologist checkup and got 100% clearance. Tomorrow I see surgeon to get any stitches out and check.  I plan to drive to him myself.  Granted I am not physically myself and will still take another week to get back to almost 100%, but feel good.  I just want people to look into this alternative surgery.  Please look into Laparoscopic and Dr Joseph Mcginn Sr way to do surgery.  You can find him and the his entire surgery online.  His surgery is done in other hospitals throughou the world.   Good Luck. 

    randy lipton
    Boca Raton FL