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  • 1.  Sudden Cardiac Arrest stories.

    Posted 03-06-2023 04:43

    Hello everyone. I have heard from a few people, and it feels so good that I'm not alone with these crazy events that I have had since Oct 21, 2022.  I am 83 years old. I'm not sure I am happy I was "saved". I'd like to hear from other people that have gone through a sudden cardiac arrest. I do think that older people have different views about what happened to them. I am lucky because outwardly I seem ok and I didn't suffer any other damaged organs. I'd love to hear your stories. 


    [Karen Goldman [Retired teacher]
    [Gresham [OR] USA
    Karen Goldman


  • 2.  RE: Sudden Cardiac Arrest stories.

    Posted 03-24-2023 08:22


     I am 64 years old and overjoyed that I was saved! I had triple bypass surgery in May 2022. I am starting a community online for survivors to share their stories, support each other, and inspire others facing their own difficulties.

    I am sensing that you might be thinking that you might have preferred not to have "been saved." Once you're gone, you're gone. Living beyond a time when you might have died could be viewed as an opportunity. I am compassionate to all views and respect the different perspectives given by your greater experience, but I would like to invite you to live it up while you still can! I read that "lucky because outwardly I seem ok" as a guarded admission that you may not feel ok inwardly. If you have friends or family or a doctor or clergyman to share that with, it may help. If there is no one, if you need someone to turn to, I would offer to help you find the right people to help with that. 

    Jesse Turner
    One Extra Life