Karen Goldman

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I am a retired special ed teacher. I taught about 35 years in Wisconsin, Cal., and Oregon. I got my BA at the University of Wisconsin at            La Crosse in 1962 and my MA in Learning Disabilities in Los Angeles at the University of California about 8 years later.  I am just 83 years old. I live alone in an apartment in an independent retirement community where I have been about 10 years.  Before this sudden cardiac arrest, I have suffered from severe chronic pain for about 10 years and am taking1600 mg of oxycodone. So, I have many joint pains and along came this sudden cardiac arrest without any warning.
I have had anxiety problems for about 30 years and take meds for that. I am trying to be positive, but I get overwhelmed. Sorry, this is so long. Really, I just need some sympathy. Karen Goldman