Larry Kostmayer

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I live a simple, rural, off-grid life, striving for ever more self-sufficiency. I love to create my life on my own terms, with my own hands, as much as I possibly can. I wish I had figured that out much younger in life. :-)

I despise much about modern human life, which is why I live as I do. To be quite honest, I find far too many human beings - to the extent I can know them - to be somewhere between horrible/pathetic and merely uninteresting. Hopefully I fall towards the "merely uninteresting" end :-). I love non-human animals, music (with a somewhat limited scope of taste), reading, woodworking (rustic/simple construction), gardening, dancing when my knees are up to it, ...  I find much joy in my life, just not often with other people.

I grew up a street kid in NYC during the 1960s and 1970s, my teens/coming of age in the 70s. During which time i was spending my time writing graffiti on the subways, playing basketball in the playgrounds, doing all kinds of fun drugs, and dancing all night most fridays and saturdays. The 1980s i was working as a bartender and waiter, and discovering a knack for (and eventually falling in love with) computer programming. And marrying my incredible (now ex-) wife. After a brief 20 year career in software development (mostly out on the west coast), I bailed on urban life and the career mentality. Lived in my van on the road for a couple years, during which time i discovered the freedom of super simple living and detaching from "the grid". Also connected with my best friend/lover ever since. Spent the better part of 15 years on "uninhabitable" land in the high desert (8000 feet above sea level) of beautiful northern New Mexico. Then moved back to the northeast, where i have had to adjust to the different climate, much higher population density and very different energy/vibe of New England.