Elizabeth Atkinson

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My name is Elizabeth Atkinson I found out about Mended Hearts in cardiac rehab. So here I am. 
I live near Fort Worth, Texas in a town called Burleson. I moved here 9 years ago from Colorado. 
My youngest daughter lives here, and I’m temporarily staying with her.
I’ve lived with heart disease for 30 years. I always new that I would get it eventually. My mother and father both died of heart related problems. My mother died at 46 of a stroke. My father died at 61 from a heart attack.
It didn’t come as a surprise when I found out I had heart disease.
Last year I had two hearts in a six month period. I wound up with five stents. With the grace of God and a skilled cardiologist I’m still alive to talk about it. I’m seven months out from my last heart attack and other than being really tired some days I’m doing well. So here I am and I hope I can be of help to other heart attack survivors.