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On Feb 1, 2024, I had open heart surgery that included two bypasses and also, replacement of my Aortic Valve, a congenital defect. My older brother also had this condition and 10 yrs ago, had open heart surgery for the same correction.

On Feb 9, 2024, I had a second surgery to replace the Mitral Valve.

Consequently, I was put in a medically induced coma for a month and had 4 other related operations during that time for tracheostomy, grafts, ports, etc.

I spent 1 month in an Acute Rehab hospital and 2 weeks in a nursing home before I was able to come home with Skilled Nursing support.

...all told, 70 days of either 'no clue what was going on' or 'coming to' while fighting to get my body parts to move, again.

It's one year later and long story short, I'm needing support that, so far, I have not been able to access specifically in the 'heart surgery recovery' arena.

I'm a Chicago grrrr that ended up in the Houston TX area at the age of 44, and am still here living with my husband and our beloved dog. I'll be 72 yrs old in May.

Before I retired, I worked as a consultant for Chronic/Critical Illness and Physically-Abled clients and, for Seniors. I taught Chair Yoga for the City of Houston and yoga classes in several venues since 1980.

I've done many kinds of work over the years.

PS - I lost my hearing in 1971 during the course of chemotherapy, and will need CAPTIONING provided to be able to participate in any one-on-one or group meetings.

I found out about your organization from a pamphlet I picked up while in Cardiac Rehab - just tossed it in with my notes ...and searched it out when I felt like I was running into walls trying to get help with post-operative re-entry.

Thank you for receiving me.