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Hi ALL my name is Mark Buttell,  born with congenital Heart Disease. This led to numerous procedures throughout my life: four open heart surgeries, three heart ablations, and three ICD’s (Internal Cardio Defibrillator). In 2007, the local community held a benefit for me and my family, to help pay for the ongoing medical expenses.
Humbled and inspired by such generosity, I decided to find a way to give back to the community who showed us such kindness. In 2013, after much thought I came up with “Ring & Run” based on a concept done in the past. Neighbors would anonymously set baked goods on door steps on Christmas Eve for those in need, ensuring food was on the table for Christmas Day. It occurred to me that I could take this idea and step it up a notch. I wanted to raise money to help people in the Houston County community that might need some cheering up during the holidays due to situations such as battling a terrible disease, dealing with a tragedy, or a loss of a loved one.
In the first year, Ring & Run was able to help two families. The following year the number grew to 27 families and individuals throughout Houston County, thanks to the amazing contributions given by the community! The goal to help at least one family/individual from each city in the county was achieved and then some!
 Our social media facebook page is our network and fun signature stories that inspire folks to get behind our mission.  All of this support was started because of living with CHD. You folks on this site are incredible and have similar stories and I am thankful for you and the lives you have inspired and changed for the better. Keep on rockin that scar and enjoy your lives.