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Perka Hybrid Buildings by Interlock Steel

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Perka Hybrid Buildings by Interlock Steel


I co-own a family business with my wife, son and daughter.   As a structural steel manufacturer we seek out the most stress free BUILDING solutions trusting sincere selfless service.   Been doing this since 1983 - when my dad asked me to help him with "making our own steel frames" rather than buy from someone else.  Been doing this since - loving every minute.  Especially with the kids in line to take it over and keep it going -- three generations strong.  

I just turned 60.  I have also been a Rotarian for 7 years now.   And that as been a huge boost to the PURPOSE of my/our existence.  LEAVE A LEGACY --  of a world that is a little bit better in some ways - because of some of the choices we made...  I feel I still have alot more to do - and give...  

Have two granddaughters -- 16 months and 3 years.  Both amazing blessings.