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Binaural beats are the result of two slightly different sound frequencies interacting with each other to produce one harmonic tone. The subtle sound of binaural beats can only be picked up by the brain.

As this interaction takes place, the frequency resonated through your mind will encourage various stimulating effects, depending on the tone.

Binaural beats, which are meant to be consumed through earbuds or headphones, are often used as a powerful relaxation tool and for the promotion of calm meditative states.

There are different brainwave frequencies that correspond with your level of consciousness, or specific emotional state that you are experiencing at any given moment.

When you are exposed to external stimulus and different situations that trigger emotional reactions, your brainwaves can become out of balance.

Over stimulation in certain areas of the brain is linked to anxiety, sleep problems and stress. Under stimulation can lead to symptoms of depression.

Some Key Benefits of Binaural Beats

Binaural beats can help balance out these brainwaves by promoting specific brainwave patterns. For example, if you are someone who has a hard time falling asleep due to overthinking or a racing mind, this is a good indication of an overactive brainwave state.

By exposing yourself to binaural frequencies in the delta range, you are placing your mind in the perfect environment to slow down the brainwave pattern and drift comfortably into a deeper state of relaxation — perfect for falling into a deep sleep.  

In the same way, if you are someone who seems to always feel tired and lacking energy, this can be the result of a deficiency in certain brainwave patterns. Binaural beats containing gamma and alpha frequencies are perfect for naturally raising brainwave activity while encouraging heightened states of  focus, increased energy, and free flowing motivation.

Aside from helping in positively altering your energy levels and mood state, binaural beats are also very effective in helping treat various imbalances.

Studies have shown that binaural beats can harness some very significant effects when it comes to mental clarity, balance, focused thought patterns, memory, heightened creativity, cognitive ability and many more positive changes for overall wellbeing.

Using Binaural Beats for Meditation

In order to use binaural beats for meditation, it is beneficial to decide what your intentions are before choosing what type of session might be best suited to your needs.

As mentioned earlier, if your goal is to achieve an enhanced state of deep relaxation before drifting off into sleep, binaural beats that include delta waves would definitely be the most appropriate choice.

If you wish to simply experience a more stable meditation session, binaural mediation sessions in the range of alpha and theta may be a very good way to experience intense states of focus and flow.

Although binaural meditation sessions can be played straight from your sound system to help promote a tranquil environment, binaural beats are designed to be used through headphones or earbuds.

The technology behind this type of sound sends specifically different frequencies through each ear in order to produce a resonation in the brain.

As this technology continues to gain recognition, and as science continues to uncover the profound benefits, binaural stimulation is becoming a very popular and effective meditation technique among modern practitioners.

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