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Facts from the history of Sudoku. Logic puzzle was not created in Japan

What do people do in their free time? Some people prefer to spend it on games. Some people enjoy playing classic games, doing crossword puzzles, playing chess or Sudoku. Moreover, these games help to develop the brain, especially Sudoku!

Did you know that Sudoku online was first created not in Japan, but in Switzerland! Hearing the word Sudoku, we immediately imagine the land of Sakura. Indeed, the word Sudoku is taken from the Japanese language. "Su" is a number, and "dock" means a singular number. It turns out that Sudoku was first created in 1783 by the mathematician Leonard Euler from Switzerland.

Euler developed the idea of ​​how to arrange the numbers so that one number appears only once in each row or column. At the time, Sudoku was more like a mathematical project than a puzzle. The original purpose of Sudoku was not used for the game as it is now.

Then Sudoku was improved

Initially, the riddle was called "Number place". This name was then changed to web Sudoku and became popular in Japan in the mid-1980s. At this point, Sudoku is made up of 9 x 9 squares and we have to fill in the numbers in each box.

Once popular in America, the number puzzle began to spread in other countries. The game was introduced in Japan, the first Japanese puzzle magazine. The game was not very popular. It was only in 1986 that a rule was established that the directions should be located symmetrically, and this strategy worked.

Now you do not need to search for "Sudoku" in magazines or newspapers if you want to play. Thanks to modern technology, Sudoku can now be played on any gadget.