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Mended Little Heart Guide 

02-27-2017 09:29

Here is the Mended Little Heart Guide that is full of information for you to reference through your journey with living with/caring for someone with a CHD. Please use this guide and share with others who may need it.

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03-02-2017 00:35

Thank you for posting that link to the guide! I just noticed that it was created with the help of St. Jude. My son's fraternity (TKE) raises funds for St. Jude. Such a worthy organization! Our son and our children saw a need for items to be donated where our daughter had her OHS. They collected 4 SUV loads of items to take down to the unit to hand out brand new blankets, coloring books, crayons, markers, colored pencils and brand new stuffed animals. We have another collection heading down at the end of the month at her next visit. My daughter and her big brother are determined to bring awareness to her rare defect so no one else is a statistic on an autopsy table. We went into all of this blind, not knowing anything except for what the surgeon told us, one family that went through this and that's it. We had conflicting information from other cardiologists and so forth so it was just frustrating to put your child's life into a strangers hands and pray that we as parents made the correct choice! 

Again, thank for posting!!!