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RE: Welcome! Introduce yourself! 

08-30-2019 13:15
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11-22-2019 20:37

David Waters here. I'm new here and to being a heart patient. Had heart failure 21 Aug and then quadruple bypass surgery 4 Sept with complications. The Docs had to reopen my chest 2 days later to fix a leak then drain excess blood and clean out clots from round my heart. I've had some depression issues prior to and since surgery. It comes and goes. The most aggravating issues to date are some memory problems and balance issues, mostly when walking with the balance problem. I'm a 20 year house painter and not sure if I will be able to return to that career if I can't keep my balance. So I'm a bit concerned what life is going to be moving forward.

Thanks for listening,

11-20-2019 11:40

​My name is David Nordness, and I had 5 bypass surgery 3 years ago.  I have recovered well and exercise regularly and play golf.   I had Sudden Cardiac Arrest when I was 64 and my wife saved me with CPR.  The wonderful folks at East Alabama Medical Center did the rest.  
I understand the challenges of heart failure, both for the survivors and the caregivers.  I will become an active leader in the local Mended Hearts Chapter.

If you would like help or would like to give help, please contact me at

10-11-2019 01:29

My Name is Mary H, and not sure if this is the right place, but I am new here...
Had a Quad Bypass Aug 14, and am feeling better now at almost
2 months post op...
Joined up here because anxiety is high and have not had anxiety
since 1980, and thought that joining up with others who had Open
Heart Surgery may be able to share their experiences and also 
their methods of dealing with this and other issues that come along with the surgery...